VASS Approval for imported, modified and individually constructed vehicles.


Low volume & second stage manufacturer's compliance approvals. 


Compliance services for personally imported vehicles. 


Automotive expert evidence.

Rowan Carter B(Mech)Eng

Chartered Professional Engineer

Rowan's professional experience includes consulting to the legal profession, government departments and the insurance industry. 

Experience in the design, testing and certification of imported and modified cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and heavy vehicles. Also, practical experience in the automotive industry, with direct involvement in the modification, testing and repair of motor vehicles and associated automotive products.

Expertise in the design, development and validation of vehicle suspension systems, body structures and fuel systems. Exposure to the overall vehicle development process, from concept to volume production. Highly developed skills and knowledge about road vehicle design, manufacturing processes and root cause analysis. 

By appointment only

Inspections in country Victoria, can also be arranged

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